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Private Equity

We will provide financial sources for your company or for your business idea. Financing comes from private investors panel – as a Venture capital. If you are interested in our help, please prepare your business plan with your entrepreneurial intent, financial investment assessment and estimation of economic return. The safety of starting of business with our help is secured by the non-disclosure agreement within all parties involved.

Interior and construction services

A basic way how to make our living and working more comfortable is to change the interior according to our needs.

Architects may use our services for reconstruction of interior and furniture production according to design plan. We provide services of builders/masons, plumbers, painters and carpenters.

We are providing services of interior designers and architects and delivery all interior works and equipment upon requests.

If you are ready to build or renovate dont hesitate to call us, we will provide project documentation, provide for authority permissions, and will provide all neccessary works on your future home.


For your company, or for your apartment block, or for your family - we will provide cleaning services, delivery of goods, babysitting, taking out your dog, tutorage for your children, several spare-time courses for your children, we provide catering and program for your party, maintenance of your car, taking care of your garden, moving, waste removal, and break-down services in case of any emergency.

If you live abroad and own a real estate property in Slovakia, we will provide you with procurement services of lease, maintenance and routine checks.

Facility management and services

Use of each structure and building is connected with consistent wear and tear. Thus it is neccessary to maintain the use of builiding with utmost effectivity. It is essential to asses and define problematic issues, which has effect not only to building itself but also to its users. It is essential to provide mainenance, repairs, routine checks, decrease costs of use and use of utilities (energies), provide lease of premises or solve a possible dispute with tenants.

We offer you comprehensive services at the administration of your block of apartments, administrative buidling, or family house.


Are you ready to start your own business but you don`t want to waste Money for Office you will hardly use in the first months or years?

We provide you with the opportunity to decrease the costs of the business start by our services of virtual Office – business registration address, receiving of your mail, forwarding your mail to specific address and accountancy services.